Head of Department:

Dr Ankit Kumar (MBBS, DRM ( Nuclear medicine & PET-CT)

Nuclear Medicine is a non-invasive medical speciality. the process involves injecting small amount of radiopharmaceuticals to patients, some specific radiopharmaceutical may also given by oral and inhalational route to assess medical conditions for diagnostic molecular imaging and therapeutics.These medical conditions include cancer, heart disease, gastrointestinal, endocrine, or neurological disorders, and other conditions. Nuclear medicine exams pinpoint molecular activity. This gives them the potential to find disease in its earliest stages. They can also show whether you are responding to treatment or not. With the addition of new technologies like hybrid imaging combined with nuclear medicine and other advanced techniques like PET/CT PET/MRI, the field of nuclear medicine has grown leaps and bounds.

PET / CT | PET Scan Center In Bareilly

Dr Ankit Kumar (MBBS, DRM)
( Nuclear medicine & PET-CT)

Head of Nuclear Medicine PET Scan Centers in Bareilly

Upon requiring a regional contrast-enhanced CT (CECT) scan, it can also be performed with the same equipment in the same sitting. Which helps us in early diagnosis, response assessment, restaging, and follow-up of cancer patients. Now a days it is also very useful for radiation oncologist in radiotherapy planning. Many a time, we use to do PET BASED tumor biopsy and reduces the multiple procedures. PET may also detect complex systemic disease such as coronary artery disease, memory disorders and seizures. PET have diagnostic value in fever of unknown origin when all other investigation exhausted. NOTE- Just like a few other procedures, this scan also requires a patient to be prepared in advance as per the doctor’s instructions.

Positron emission tomography, also called PET imaging or a PET scan, is a type of nuclear medicine imaging. It is a functional imaging technique used to observe metabolic processes in a human body. Current PET equipment is an integrated PET-CT machine that allows the acquisition of both PET and CT on one platform. PET provides the essential signals of the tumor, and CT helps in localization.

Why is the technology unique | PET Scan Centers in Bareilly

The Biograph TruePoint technology used at Medanta combines the functional sensitivity of PET with the rich anatomical detail of diagnostic multislice – CT, which increases the resolution of images throughout the field of view.

The technology has been proven to increase the efficiency by 70%, giving the flexibility to lower dose rates or scan rates by 50%.

The much advanced and unique CT capabilities of Biograph TruePoint enhances the diagnostic confidence and system utilisation.

A PET scan is an effective way of detecting abnormalities in various parts of your body. PET scans are most often used for screening people who have cancer, heart disease or brain disorders. At times, PET scans are also used to check the effectiveness of ongoing treatment.

Your doctor may recommend a PET SCAN to help:

Diagnose muscle and bone disorders, such as bone tumours and fractures


PET Scan-Whole Body Instructions

Fasting of minimum 5 hours. 

Should NOT take insulin injection or take diabetes medicines in the morning. Can take rest of the medications

Can drink water though

Small dose of radioactive injection is given IV and whole body scan will be done one hour later. Please report to the attending nurse/technologist/physician in case of any previous history of contrast allergy

The initial part of the scan is a diagnostic CT wherein IV contrast is given, followed by PET imaging. The approximate duration of the scan is about 10-12 mins

Blood test (S.Creatinine) is a mandatory requirement prior to this scan if the doctor has advised for a contrast CT(test should not be later than 2 months)

Requested to bring all prior reports/old CD’s 

Requested to stay away from pregnant women for a day

Please inform the attending staff in case you are pregnant

Reports will be issued the next day