Rohilkhand Cancer Institute

Radiation Treatment

involves the use of extremely powerful X-rays to attack cancer cells. Radiation may come from an external device (external beam radiotherapy) or radioactive substances injected into the affected organ (Brachytherapy).


Radiation is frequently combined to treat locally advanced H&N tumors. This method of treatment benefits from the advancements made in cure rates as well as the preservation of the diseased organ. It offers hope for maintaining the larynx so that patients can speak and swallow almost normally.


Many H&N cancer patients will need chemotherapy or biological treatment (including monoclonal antibodies). Most frequently, a drug cocktail is used. Chemotherapy can be given as follows:


Neoadjuvant chemotherapy is used prior to curative therapy (surgery)
Following surgery, adjuvant chemotherapy
radiation combined with chemotherapy
chemotherapy for palliative purposes in a high-tech setting

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