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Kidney Cancer

The kidneys are where kidney cancer starts. Two bean-shaped organs, each around the size of your fist, make up your kidneys. One kidney is situated on either side of your spine, and they are situated behind your abdominal organs.

About 90% of malignant tumours in adults are renal cell carcinomas, the most frequent kind of kidney cancer. There may be more or less typical kidney cancers. A kidney cancer type known as Wilms’ tumour is more common in young children.

Kidney cancer seems to be becoming more common. The increased use of imaging methods like computerised tomography (CT) scans could be one explanation for this. These screenings might unintentionally uncover more kidney tumours. Kidney cancer is frequently detected at an early stage when the tumours are small and localised to the kidney and are therefore simpler to treat.


Early-stage kidney cancer rarely exhibits any signs or symptoms. In the absence of symptoms, there are currently no standard tests used to check for kidney cancer. The following indications and symptoms of kidney cancer in its latter stages:

Your urine may be pink, red, or cola-coloured and include blood.
your back or side hurts and won’t go away
reduced appetite
Unaccounted-for weight loss
The typically transient condition of fever (intermittent)

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